Visual Art Exchange 34th Annual Gala in Raleigh, NC
On February 10th, 2018 Imagine Circus collaborated with the Visual Art Exchange (VAE) for their yearly fundraiser, “For the Love of Art” Gala. Taking cirque entertainment to the next level, Imagine Circus filled the downtown Raleigh Marriott with unique performers around each corner.
Unique Entertainment for Gala & Upscale Events
At this ticketed event, our living statue performer poured champagne for guests upon arrival. Our aerial hoop was showcased near the check-in table, as aerialists entertained guests while they waited in line. Our stilt walkers roved the event in eye catching pink showgirl outfits with matching silver wings, flashing the hot pink VAE logo. Our live body painter and model added live art flair to an already art-centric event. With a pink theme, our costume designers made sure to accentuated this detail– from pink eyelashes to sparkling pink dresses, to adorning each cap with pink feathers.
Showcase Your Organization’s Style
The props and costuming for this event were tailored to the host organization, letting them showcase their logo and theme on Imagine Circus performers. Creating a visual thread of cohesiveness between our performers and a company brand is a great way to showcase your organization’s personal style!
Custom Branding & Costumes
Make your event stand out from the rest, blurring the lines between the performer and your company image. We offer custom branding in many forms, from adding your emblem to custom-built props, to displaying your logo on performer costumes, to projecting your slogan on our apparatuses. Our creative team will guide you through the process and help you find the right branded look for your desired aesthetic.
Living Statue Pouring Champagne
Our extraordinary greeter, a living statue bartender, serves champagne. As guests arrive, he pours bubbly and welcomes them to the celebration.
Aerial Hoop Performers Blowing Bubbles
A stunning aerial performer in an aerial hoop sends iridescent bubbles floating over the check-in table. This causes guests to look up in surprise and awe.
Live Body Painting of Event Logo
On the way to the bar, guests encounter a live, body painter. Painting a model, the live painter uses the living canvas to showcase the event logo and theme.
Stilt Walkers Posing for Photos
Around the next corner, another surprise! Guests take photos with two larger than life stilt walkers, adorned in metallic wings with a branded logo to commemorate the special event and its specific theme.
Looking for unique entertainment in Raleigh, NC?
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Photos by Rachel Berbec Photography
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