Aerial Acts & Aerial Performers

Soaring through the air with breathtaking grace and strength, our aerial performers are available for both stage shows and ambient entertainment.  Our aerialists are available on silks, lyra, trapeze or a custom apparatus of your choosing. Take your event to new heights by booking one of our amazing aerial duos.  We offer consultation on rigging options that are ideal for your venue such as a portable, free standing four legged aerial rig of adjustable height.

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Our portable, free-standing aerial rig can be used both inside and outdoors and is adjustable from 13 to 22 feet.    We can also rig from load-bearing beams in  your venue.  We work with a professional rigging team to ensure the highest safety standards are adhered to.   Contact us to discuss rigging safety and creative rigging possibilities. 

Aerial silks (also known as fabric or tissu) is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics hanging from suspended fabric.  We will gladly customize the color of the aerial fabric to match your theme and colors.  

Aerial hoop (also known as lyra) is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics hanging from a circular steel apparatus suspended from above.

We also offer aerial rope (corde lisse), trapeze, aerial straps, aerial cube, aerial hammock, aerial pole, aerial globes, and aerial birdcage.

Most of our aerial acts can be customized to include an interactive component such as aerial bartending.  Our beautiful aerialist(s) will happily serve your guests champagne or mocktails while pleasantly conversing with them and posing for photos. Upon request, we can also create custom aerial apparatuses and costuming to match your theme.

Connect with our booking specialists for more info. We would love to hear about your event and help guide you toward the best aerial performance option based on your vision and venue.

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