Aerial Bartending & Unique Entertainment in Chapel Hill
Gaining popularity at upscale events, aerial bartending is becoming a favorite entertainment addition to contemporary celebrations and parties. Grand openings, black tie galas, and high profile soirees are perfect settings for our performers to pour champagne or sparkling wine from above! These graceful servers add style and class to an otherwise routine experience.
Grand Opening of AC Hotel by Marriott
Aerial Bartenders from Imagine Circus recently performed at the Grand Opening of the AC Hotel by Marriott Chapel Hill Downtown. These event planners strategically opted to place the aerial chandelier outside under the moonlight, and the aerial hoop inside. With two pouring locations, guests were encouraged to move about the party, enjoying both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Select photos by Adrian Moreno–thank you for capturing the magic!

Aerial Dancers Pour Champagne From Above
Looking for an upscale entertainment experience at your next event? Aerial bartending is a highly fashionable way to treat your guests to champagne or sparkling wine while commemorating a milestone or special event! Sophisticated yet unexpected, aerial bartenders impress even the most discerning of guests.
Aerial Chandelier for Upscale Events
Our elaborate aerial chandelier can be suspended from an existing rig point or from our portable aerial rig. Our performers serve bubbly libations just below from an aerial sling, or hammock. The aerial chandelier requires a footprint larger than 10×10 and up to 20×20 (at full height). Guests are enchanted with the graceful bartenders serving them!
Aerial Hoop for Smaller Spaces
Our aerial hoop, or “lollipop lyra” is another visually stunning option for aerial bartending. For a smaller footprint, our aerial hoop is a great option with a smaller impact– just a six foot square (or round) space. Being served by an aerial bartender is sure to bring a smile to every face as your guests receive one-on-one attention from a performer and a one-of-a-kind experience!
Looking for unique entertainment?
Imagine Circus offers upscale aerial bartending for galas, corporate events, private parties, and more! Surprise your guests with aerial dancers pouring champagne from above. Sophisticated yet unexpected, aerial bartenders impress even the most discerning of guests. Book an aerial bartender for your next event by calling (919)307-5314 or filling out our booking form.
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