Imagine Circus Touring North Carolina Libraries Across the State

In 2017, Imagine Circus began touring libraries throughout North Carolina. Each year, we collaborate with local libraries across the state to offer multiple shows designed to inspire children and their families.

Acrobat Duo Teaches Healthy Eating & Creative Movement

Starring Imagine Circus’s dynamic duo, Katie and Kaci, our “Acro Alphabet Show” offers impressive partner acrobatics and juggling, along with positive messaging and inspiring interactive elements. These movement enthusiasts are healthy eaters, creativity cultivators, self-published authors, and reading advocates! Years ago they were inspired to create every letter of the alphabet with their bodies–an amazing feat of strength, skill, and patience– and published their first book, ACRO: An Alphabet Art Book. Featuring colorful letters and high resolution images of the “acro alphabet,” their book includes an uplifting poem about hard work and cooperation.

All About the Acro Alphabet Show

Inspired by the words in their book, Katie and Kaci encourage kids and adults to participate in a light hearted group stretch, an exciting circus game, and a fun and informative Q&A session. Audience members learn about life as an acrobat, the need for healthy eating, the value of hard work and the importance of practice, practice, practice!

A One-Man Circus Show Features Interactive Juggling Acts

Imagine Circus presents, “Time with Tain,” a one-man comedic circus show featuring a variety of colorful juggling props and interactive elements. Tain, also known as “Tain the Knife Juggler,” impresses audiences of all ages with an assortment of awesome juggling skills including balls, clubs, knives, feathers, fruit and fire! His energetic personality shines on any stage, big or small, keeping onlookers riveted. Whether you need an exciting hour of educational entertainment or a 10-minute variety show, “Time with Tain” can be fully customized to meet your needs.

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Book Imagine Circus Entertainment for your Summer Library Program

Imagine Circus offers quality, kid-centric shows for library summer programs that are both inspiring and fit any theme with added circus flair! Depending on your preferences, costuming and music are fully customizable. Our shows easily adapt to any stage or event setting, including outdoor venues, conference halls, libraries, auditoriums, and school gymnasiums.

Interactive Workshops Engage and Inspire Children of All Ages

Pairing perfectly with stage shows, we offer unique playshops that add an interactive element for your library patrons. Choose from our hoop experience, juggling basics, or acrobatic instruction. Sample all three with our Circus FUNdamentals playshop. We advise booking a morning show and an afternoon playshop for the ultimate library entertainment!

Hiring Imagine Circus Performers for Your Library Event

Featured on the North Carolina Libraries preferred vendor list, Imagine Circus is professional and efficient. We make the booking process easy because we have lots of experience working in the library setting. We happily jump through all the “circus paperwork hoops” to make your job easy. Whether you need a copy of our insurance policy, a W9, or a specific contract style to meet your county’s requirements, we’re eager to provide.  Book a library stage show or workshop to set your event apart!



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