Unique Living Statue Reflects Smiles at Peakfest in Apex, NC
On May 5th, 2018, the Imagine Circus Mirror Man took up shop in downtown Apex, NC baffling Peakfest attendees and posing for festival photos. Mesmerized by his elaborate costume, patrons pulled out their phones to captured these exciting moments. Shining in the sun’s rays, reflecting wide smiles, the Mirror Man passed out high fives to children and adults alike.
Mirror Man Performer Poses for Photos
Wearing a suit that resembles a giant disco ball, our Mirror Man baffled Apex Festival-goers as he transformed from a still statue to an interactive art piece. Posing for hundreds of selfies, the mirror he finally got a chance to rove throughout the festival showing off some of his hypnotizing dance moves. This fantastic costume truly transforms any event into a memorable experience.
What is a Living Statue?
Is it a statue or is it a person? Our Living Statues add an element of intrigue and elegance to parties and festivals. These living, breathing art installations are a unique addition to any event. Perfect for indoors or outside, human statues are the ultimate photo opportunity.
How to Book the Mirror Man or Living Statue Entertainment
We offer multiple styles and acts, including a Mirror Man, a silver statue with hoops, a bronze sculpture patina statue, a garden statue with a water fountain feature, a Renaissance Music Man singing statue, an Ancient Roman Statue, and MC Esher inspired Silver Acrobat statues. Looking to book a living statue for your next event? Give us a call or fill out our booking form now!
Imagine Circus for Festivals and Street Fairs
From town celebrations to downtown events and holiday street fairs to music festivals, Imagine Circus is a great addition to any Street Fair or Festival. Living Statues (like the Mirror Man) create exciting photo opportunities. Stilt walkers provide excellent roving entertainment. Acrobats impress even the most discerning of guests. Jugglers inspire a playful atmosphere. Aerial performers really add that WOW factor. Connect with our booking team to bring circus performers to your next big event.
Looking for Unique Performers in Apex, NC?
Imagine Circus offers intriguing living statues, dazzling aerial dancers, captivating acrobats, larger-than-life stilt walkers, and more! Perfect for street fairs, festivals, and family friendly celebrations. Book a stage show or roving act to set your event apart!  Fill out our booking form to request more information or send us an email. We would love to hear about your event! Let us guide you to the best performance option based on your vision and budget!

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