Imagine Circus Performers at Festival of Legends in Apex, NC
Soaring aerial dancers, beautiful mermaids, and a stilt walking phoenix traversed Optimist Farm in Apex, NC for 2018’s Festival of Legends. Festival of Legends is a celebration of the mythic arts and the magic of life itself. Imagine Circus performers added to the magic by inspiring wonder and awe as they interacted with guests and shared captivating performances.
Fantasy Character Stilt Walkers
To match the festival’s fantasy theme, Imagine Circus performers wore elaborate costumes and dazzling makeup. Guests were in awe of our beautiful mermaid stilt walker and eager to pose for photos with our Phoenix stilt walker. Both costumes are part of our in-house collection and available for booking yearound.
Real Life Mermaid Entertainment
Donning an incredibly realistic tail and intricate oceanic regalia, Jessica Jade the Mermaid posed for photos with festival goers who were eager to capture their first mermaid selfie! Sharing her stories of the sea and what it’s like to live among the fish, children of all ages were in awe of her mermaid tales.
Aerial Dancers Perform on Outdoor Aerial Rig
Soaring high and sharing smiles, our beautiful aerial dancers amazed Festival of Legends guests as they performed throughout the day on our 24’ outdoor aerial rig. Taking entertainment new heights (literally), our aerial performers add a wonderful WOW factor to festivals and special events. When requested, Imagine Circus offers free rigging consultation for your specific venue. Contact us for more information.
Aerial Performers for Festivals and Street Fairs
Whether you’re hosting a private party or throwing an epic outdoor event, our professional aerial dancers add an impressive element to any celebration. From town celebrations to downtown events and holiday street fairs to music festivals, aerial entertainment is always a crowd favorite. Connect with our booking team to bring an aerial performer to your next event.
Hire A Stilt Walker for Your Next Event
Leading parades and getting the party started on the dance floor, our stilt walkers offer excellent interactive, roving entertainment for festivals and street fairs.  Have a specific character in mind or a special theme you are creating? Hire one of our larger than life character stilt walkers! We offer a Phoenix, Mermaid, Secret Garden Fairy, Peppermint Princesses, the Statue of Liberty, Autumn Scarecrows, Vegas Show Girls and more! Please contact us for custom character stilt walkers to make your event a big hit!
Looking for Unique Entertainment in Apex, NC?
Imagine Circus offers dazzling aerial dancers, captivating acrobats, larger-than-life stilt walkers, and more! Perfect for festivals, street fairs, downtown events, and private parties. Book a stage show or roving act to set your event apart!  Fill out our booking form to request more information or send us an email. We would love to hear about your event! Let us help guide you toward the best performance option based on your vision and venue!
Big “Thank You!” to the photographers at this event for the Magnificent Photos!
Our featured photos were provided by Slater Mapp & Francisco Guerra.

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