As an entertainment company, we continue to push the edge of creativity, whether through a hand crafted one-of-a-kind costume, a custom built apparatus, or a unique act concept. This process requires vision, trial and error, and testing. Recently we tested a unique act concept– a fabric dancer in a stretchy, mesh enclosure. Essentially this act includes a dancer in a mesh fabric “bag”. Inside this bag, the dancer moves his or her body, pressing different body parts into the fabric. Each movement reveals a glimpse of the human form– a hand here, a shoulder there, a side body exposed. This captivating performance takes the known human form into a mysterious showcase of sensual body dance.
Imagine Circus debuted this new, unique act– fabric dancing in a stretchy mesh enclosure, performed by the illustrious Tik-Tok. On October 27th, the 21c Hotel in Durham, NC transformed into an immersive space of creativity, music, theater, dance, tarot, poetry, and cirque arts for the Carrack’s yearly party– the Muse Masquerade. This act perfectly complemented the Masquerade theme and captivated guests.

The Muse Masquerade is the Carrack’s annual fundraiser to support local artists and helps the Carrack further their mission to “provide accessible community gathering space and free, zero-commission exhibit and performance opportunities to local and underrepresented artists.”

Check out the photos below to see this new, unique act. Want something on the sexy side? Reach out to book a sensual fabric dancer and other great entertainment!

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Prior to its performance debut, this unique act was tested at McConnell Studios in downtown Raleigh. Two of our performers, Tik Tok and Kaci, tested out the mesh fabric bag, dancing like free flowing statues from one pose to the next. In addition to performers in the mesh fabric enclosure, we added LED components to add a radiant glow element to the moving form.
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