Embarking on a journey through Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, Imagine Circus debuted their newest show, Elemental Circus at SPARKcon 2017. With all original narration and the creative choreography of over a dozen performers, this captivating performance dances with the spirit of ebb and flow, rise and fall, light and dark. Showcased skills included aerial rope, acrobatics, partner silks, rolling globe, partner lyra, stilt walking, spinning skirt, levitation wand, fire dancing, and fire breathing.  It was a true pleasure to present our newest work to the community in such an open and inviting space.

Thank you to all of the amazing photographers that came out to capture our show:
Slater Mapp
Bonnie Stanley Photography
Fon Denton, Image That Photography
Tom Barta
Light on a Hill Photography
Brooke Meyer Photography
Jess Marrano Studio
Gus Samarco Photography
Andy Petesch
Mark Thomas, MC Thomas Photography

Imagine Earth

Imagine Water

Imagine Fire

Imagine Air

Imagine Spirit
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