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IMAGINE CIRCUS is a booking and production company providing performances and shows that feature circus and  cirque-style entertainment, aerial dancers, acrobatics, fire performers, jugglers, mimes, stilt walkers, belly dancers, sideshow acts, LED performers and more.  Fully insured and equipped to offer customized stage shows from 3 to 90 minutes as well as interactive, ambient, and roving entertainment and instruction, Imagine Circus is conveniently based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and actively works with companies and event planners throughout the US.

Our mission is to connect regular people with outstanding performers, sharing circus magic at public and private events through innovative, collaborative, cirque-inspired performances.

We transform every event into an unforgettable experience.  We provide professional, insured performers and cirque-inspired stage shows for fairs, festivals, private parties, special events, corporate functions and more.  We offer a wide variety of acts, including acrobats, fire breathers, aerial dancers, jugglers, stilt walkers, fire dancers, clowns, balloon twisters, face painters, live body painters, magicians, fortune tellers and more.

With over 30 years collective experience, Katie, Kaci, and Liz, have collaborated to create a professional cirque-inspired performance company, where performers can connect with potential clients.  We simplify the process of finding and booking professional performers so that more people can enjoy circus art and entertainment.  We are growing our business in a way that is sustainable and feels good to both our clients and performers.

  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Innovation and Inspiration
  • Artistic Growth
  • Expression
  • High Quality Cirque Entertainment

By combining collaboration and cooperation, emphasizing innovation, fostering artistic growth, and creating a platform for self expression, Imagine Circus provides  the most high quality cirque-style entertainment in the Carolinas!

Owners Katie Bouterse, Liz Bliss, and Kaci Torres have almost three decades of combined experience booking performers, coordinating private and public events, and producing original shows.  

As the caliber of their performances has evolved, so has their desire to promote high quality acts and create next-level shows and events. The idea for Imagine Circus came as a logical next step to elevate the professionalism of performances, focusing on details including choreography, transitions, costuming, makeup, stage lighting, music, rigging safety, client experience, and performer growth. The three merged their previous production companies, AcroEntertainment and Flair in 2017 to create Imagine Circus.    

As performers, the trio has collaborated for over eight years, pushing the edge of circus talent in the Triangle area and expanding their influence beyond North Carolina, from Georgia to South Carolina to Tennessee to Virginia.

All three owners have been instrumental in the formation and growth the local circus community. In 2010 Katie and Kaci co-created and co-produced circusSPARK, an integral facet of Raleigh’s open source street festival, “SPARKcon,” a multi-day event that attracts over 75,000 people each year. All three owners have maintained leadership roles in this grassroots production, providing a platform for the local circus talent to share their magic with the greater community and building relationships with performers.

Liz Bliss wrote and produced the successful show “Light Pours In,” a 90 minute cirque-style theatrical experience set to original, live music.  Katie and Kaci were supporting performers in the show during its  2015 and 2016 tours.

Katie and Kaci produced “Circus Maximus”, a Fourth of July show commissioned by the City of Raleigh in 2010 and again in 2012, that showcased over ten different cirque and fire acts.

Our Leadership Team

Our creative management team has more than a decade of experience producing shows and creating elaborate ambient entertainment.

Katie Bouterse

Katie Bouterse


Public Relations | Accounting | Choreography

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Katie Magee Bouterse has over 10 years experience working and performing in the cirque industry. Katie values a collaborative work environment that emphasizes accountability, cooperation, and creativity. Her organizational leadership skills and management experience guide Imagine Circus in sustainable business practices, cultivating positive relationships with clients, performers, and the community at large. Katie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Minors in Psychology and Nonprofit Studies from North Carolina State University.
Katie is also a movement enthusiast and passionate teacher. Her multidisciplinary practice includes yoga, AcroYoga, dance, aerial arts, and circus. She is a 200-hour RYT Prana Flow Instructor, a certified AMS Elementary I Montessori teacher, an acrobatic yoga teacher, and an aerial yoga teacher. Among other things, Katie loves her husband, Brian, her cat Schmowee, dancing, green smoothies, espresso, and travel.

Liz Bliss

Liz Bliss


Booking | Client Support | Performer Outreach

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Liz Bliss has been managing, directing, choreographing, and producing live entertainment for over 15 years; and her diverse professional background makes her the perfect ring leader for Imagine Circus! Since 2007, she has worked for over a dozen production companies and talent agencies along the east coast, gaining immeasurable experience in the entertainment industry while honing her skills as an expert event planner. Liz values a client-centered approach to event production and encourages clients to engage with the creative process of event planning as their time and interest permits. Working closely with each client to ensure high quality service and deliver maximum value, Liz excels in creating magical and memorable experiences that reflect her client’s vision.

Liz has a BA from Rutgers College, an MPH from UNC-Chapel Hill, and is a fluent Spanish speaker. Prior to co-founding Imagine Circus, she was a researcher, counselor, and teacher before finally launching her career in circus arts. In 2015, she produced and toured her first original cirque show scored to live music, Light Pours In.  In addition to performing, producing & directing, Liz teaches private aerial dance lessons and specialty cirque workshops around the Triangle.  Liz believes that every body that moves is beautiful and takes great pride in producing entertainment that inspires her audience to move and explore their inner beauty.

Kaci Torres

Kaci Torres


Marketing | Social Media | Costume Design

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Kaci Torres is an enthusiastic leader with a diverse professional background in business, marketing, sales, and project management.  As a lifelong artist with an immense entrepreneurial spirit, she has worked as a graphic designer, mural painter, ceramic sculptor, seamstress, and performance artist. Kaci’s unique skill set makes her the perfect person to oversee marketing, manage IT, and lead our design team at Imagine Circus.

Kaci graduated from NC State University with a degree in Economics, studied Foreign Trade at Hong Kong University, and pursued a Master’s degree in Human Geography at ECU. She worked for Pabst Brewing Company as the NC marketing manager, followed by a position as sales director at Gamila Company, and finally transitioned to become the lead project manager at Designbox, before joining Imagine Circus in 2016. Kaci co-founded AcroEntertainment in 2007, and since 2010 has been the lead organizer of circusSPARK, an annual event that brings together circus talent at Raleigh’s SPARKcon street festival. Kaci lives in Raleigh and continues to foster the growth of the local circus community while continuing to grow her own creative spirit.


What our clients are saying about Imagine Circus…

[Imagine Circus] came up to Richmond, VA and performed for an event at The Hat Factory called RVAlution–a 1,600 person dance party held every Tuesday during the summer. They were ready to perform by the arrival time, which was fantastic. Throughout the night they set a new level of expectations for “professional” from the other performers. Aside from their impeccable back-stage conduct they owned our stage every time they performed–working together or individually, and always on point. I would fervently recommend their services to anyone fortunate enough to encounter this nugget of talent.

Josh K.
Talent Booking, The Hat Factory

…[Imagine Circus] is a super partner. Taking a concrete jungle full of concert-goers and turning it into a festival style atmosphere was the charge and boy did they deliver! The group is full of stewards of creativity with bedside manner, constantly getting crowds involved, interested and oo-ing and ahh-ing. Very importantly, with events, often things change midstream. The good folks at [Imagine Circus] put up with this change professionally and purposefully. Looking for something to spice up an event, give these good people a call. You will be grateful you did.

Danny R.
Founder, Band Together

[Imagine Circus] is AMAZING. They are very talented entertainers that take pride in their work and share their talents with others. The price is right and more importantly they are REALLY good at what they do. I highly recommend this duo.

Tia M.
Event Planner, Raleigh, NC
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